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How Can I Use The Data?
12/19/2003 - Grand List Data
You will need to have knowledge of a software tool, such as MS Word or MS Excel, to be able to analyze, and select records from this data and turn them into labels, postcards or letters. The top entry in the download table on the Welcome Page contains a Free Sample you can download to see if you can use the data the way you plan.

How to Uncompreess the Data

The data you download is a compressed zip file containing a file called TownST.csv, where Town is the Town's name and ST is the state of the town you selected. The file is a comma delimited file you can open using your favorite software tool. Click here if you need a tool to unzip the file.

How to Open the File Using MS Excel

For Example to open the file using Microsoft Excel
  • Start MS Excel
  • Pick File, Open from the menu
  • In the File Open dialog specify the TOWNST.csv, the file you downloaded above.
  • You can remove columns or rows, sort and select the records that interest you.
  • When you are ready to save the file pick File, Save it specify a new name and location on your disk.

  • Opening the File Using MS Word

    You can use data to Mail Merge into letters or labels in MS Word.
  • Start MS Word
  • Pick Tool, Letters and Mailings, Mail Merge Wizard
  • When the wizard asks you to specify your data, specify Use an Existing List and point it to the xx.csv file.
  • Follow the wizard to place data in your document, and select records you wish to print.

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